About Me

B.L.S or PUYOGHO is an east coast based illustrator attending LPPACS ('23) as a film and illustration major. They are most proficient in abstract color schemes, compositional work, and unique design.Currently a fulltime student, however for job inquiries, please contact via my social media.




Damn Him (2022)
6.5 in x 8.5 in - 10 pages; an Our Flag Means Death (2022) mini comic.

Never Left (2022)
3 pages; another Our Flag Means Death (2022) mini comic.

His Voice (2022)
5 pages; a Metal Gear Solid 4 mini fan comic.

Design Work

Advertisement and character design for the Halloween themed LGBTQIA+ events hosted by Vibrant Shades; 2022.

Logo redesigns for the queer founded club Vibrant Shades and their coffee shop Rainbow Roast, along with a renewed menu design; 2022.